Financing opportunities

Immediate Response Loan




Provide at a concessionary rate to the Government to meet its expenses for the clearing and cleaning of affected areas and for emergency restoration of critical infrastructure and essential public services.


Disaster risk reduction

Eligible organisations:


Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Activities could include the repair, replacement or the installation of measures to protect and restore vital economic infrastructure necessary for the resumption of social and economic activities.

Proposal/Application requirements:

The request should be accompanied by an initial assessment of the damage as provided by the national ODM, a proposal for the intended use of the loan, and a budget.

Proposal evaluation criteria:

No information

How to Apply:

Country should make a request in writing to the President of CDB as soon as possible after the event and no later than two months after the disaster if it is a rapid-onset event such as a hurricane.On receipt of the request from the BMC, CDB will process the request in as short a time as possible. CDB will make disbursements to the government on the basis of a certificate from a consultant, engaged by CDB after consultation with the government, showing that the goods and/or services were utilized for the approved operations.

Funding limit for individual projects:

750000 USD

Activities supported:

Activities supported