Instituciones clave

Department of Physical Planning and Environment. Ministry of Sustainable Development (DPPE)

Tipo de institución:

Organismo gubernamental

Áreas de trabajo:


  • Sensibilización y formación
  • Marco legislativo e institucional (incidencia política)


  • Sensibilización y formación
  • Marco legistativo e institucional


San Cristóbal y Nieves


The Department of Physical Planning and Environment (DPPE) of the Ministry of Sustainable Development is the government body acting as the focal point for the climate change communications. Its mission statement is to provide a framework to support the implementation of policies, programmes and measures to control and regulate the development of land and buildings as well as to prevent, mitigate and/or reverse environmental degradation through scientific and technological excellence, raising public awareness, standard setting, advocacy and resource mobilization, thereby contributing to poverty reduction. The Department seeks to achieve its mission by providing for the stewardship of the country’s environmental resources. It also seeks to protect public health through proper planning and development control measures and in a large way.