Financing opportunities

Infrastructure Fund (Infrafund)


Adaptation, Mitigation


Facilitate investment in infrastructure and guarantee a sustainable and high quality access to these services.


Energy efficiency; Energy management; Fuel switching; Transport; Capacity Building; Waste management; Sustainable land management; Infrastructure resilience.

Eligible organisations:

Eligible for InfraFund support are entities from national, sub-national, and local governments, and service providers (public, private, mixed-capital, and cooperative associations). In all cases, the entities must operate or implement an infrastructure project in Latin America or the Caribbean.

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Fund Priorities: a) Projects with a high probability of reaching financial closing. b) Projects that mobilize private financing for sustainable infrastructure. c) Development and structuring of sustainable public-private partnerships. d) Climate adaptation projects. e) Use of or development of climate resilient technology. f) Projects at the sub-national and local levels. g) Projects in countries that encompass higher risks or more difficult preparation. h) Projects in smaller economies, where transaction costs are high.

Proposal/Application requirements:

1. Basic Facts about Entity requesting InfraFund Assistance

2. Basic Facts about the Executing Entity (if different from requester)

3. Basic Facts about the Infrastructure Project

4. Description of the Infrastructure Project

5. Studies Already Available / Previously Prepared

6. Constrains and obstacles impeding the development of the Infrastructure Project

7. Description of the Proposed TC Activities and Deliverables

8. Executing Entity’s credentials for executing project

9. Summary of Implementation Plan

Proposal evaluation criteria:

To access InfraFund resources a proposal must: (i) be consistent with the objectives of the country’s infrastructure development plan and policies; (ii) have high development impact in the sector; (iii) be institutionally and environmentally sustainable; (iv) be in support of IDB’s own strategy in support to the sector, and (v) be in coordination with other IDB or other external donor funds and initiatives.

How to Apply:

1. An application form has to be submitted. Once it is reviewed by an IADB, an expert will assure that the project meets specific basic technical requirements.

2. Corresponding Bank’s Country Office(s) is notified about the interest of developing a project in its jurisdiction.

3. Proposals are then discussed by an internal Committee composed by IDB technical and financial experts, and a decision is submitted to the client.

Funding limit for individual projects:

Maximum financed: USD 1,500,000. A fast approval mechanism is in place for projects smaller that USD 500,000. Counterpart financing: 20% counterpart financing is required.

Additional information:

Application form