Financing opportunities

UN-REDD Program


Adaptation, Mitigation


  • Improve guidance on Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) approaches;
  • Increase engagement of stakeholders in the REDD agenda;
  • Improve analytical and technical framework of social and environmental benefits maximising the contribution of REDD to sustainable development;
  • Increase confidence in REDD amongst decision-makers on the feasibility of methodologies and the implementation of REDD, through coordination, knowledge management and sharing within agencies and with partners.


REDD+; Sustainable land management; Forest conservation.

Eligible organisations:

National governments, Regional development banks and NGOs.

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Capacity Building, Mitigation, Forestry, Natural Resource Management, Sustainable Land Management. The UN-REDD Programme has both a country-level and global focus. Global focus on technical and scientific support and knowledge management. Country level support by providing project grants.

Proposal/Application requirements:

The set of nine countries chosen to pilot the UN-REDD Phase I were selected based on the following set of common criteria: Request for quick start action; Existing collaboration with UN partners in related areas for rapid progress; Emission reduction potential; Degree of REDD readiness potential; Regional, biome and socio-economic representation; Coordination with international REDD initiatives; Leadership potential in sub-regional experience sharing; Ability to contribute experiences to UNFCCC negotiations and development of REDD mechanisms.

Proposal evaluation criteria:

The country-level support is aimed at a select group of pilot countries who are each developing unique REDD programmes in concert with UNDP, UNEP, and FAO support. Priority is given to developing sustainable national multi-sectoral approaches with broad stakeholder engagement that promote equitable outcomes and to ensuring that countries use reliable methodologies to assess emission reductions. In some countries, key elements of delivering emission reductions – such as REDD payment structuring and distribution options - will also be tested.

How to Apply:

To participate in the UN-REDD Program it is necessary to download and fill in a request form.

Funding limit for individual projects:

USD 150 million pledged; USD 119 million deposited.