Financing opportunities

Thematic Programme on Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation and Enhancing Environmental Services (REDDES)


Adaptation, Mitigation


Reduce deforestation and forest degradation, enhance environmental services and help improve the livelihoods of forest dependent communities through conservation and sustainable use of tropical forest resources, forest restoration and other related activities in a landscape planning approach.


REDD+; Enhance environmental services; Improve livelihoods; Conservation; Sustainable land management.

Eligible organisations:

No information

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Pilot and demonstration projects, human resource development projects, and research and development projects; the Organization's Action Plan sets out the types of activities that it should undertake in project and policy work.

Proposal/Application requirements:

The formulator should write a 2–3 page project brief that clearly sets out the key messages of the proposal.

Proposal evaluation criteria:

Some principles that should guide the development of project, small project, and preproject proposals: a) Focus on outcomes; b) Work in partnership with others, building alliances and partnerships; c) Ensure accountability by seeking ways in which executing agencies and their partners can be held accountable to stakeholders; d) Pay due attention to the social dimension of development projects; e) Promote empowerment of local communities to fully participate in the management of forest resources by supporting their rights, responsibilities and aspirations; f) Seek sustainable results by developing strategies and approaches to ensure lasting benefits for target groups, including sustainable incomes.

How to Apply:

Members have to submit project proposals to the Council for review and financing.

Funding limit for individual projects:

No information

Activities supported: