Financing opportunities

Latin American Carbon, Clean and Alternative Energies Programme (PLAC+E)




  • Promote and actively participate in market development emissions reduction and capture of Greenhouse Gas (GHG).
  • Support the identification, development and financing of GHG projects, clean energy and energy efficiency alternatives and in Latin America.
  • Strengthen institutions and mechanisms to encourage and consolidate the various.


Clean and alternative energies; Energy efficiency; Methane capture and use; Methane leak reduction; Capture and carbon sequestration; Efficient transport; Fuel switching.

Eligible organisations:

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Eligible Projects or Programmes:

a) Credit lines for projects that reduce GHG. Credit lines for clean, alternative and efficient energy projects. b) Different funds for the development of innovative projects. c) Prepayments of certified emission reductions.

Proposal/Application requirements:

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Proposal evaluation criteria:

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How to Apply:

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Funding limit for individual projects:

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