Financing opportunities

KfW Climate Program


Adaptation, Mitigation


Protecting the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting developing countries to adapt to the consequences of climate change touch upon many of the promotional sectors of KfW Entwicklungsbank.


Renewable energy; Energy efficiency; Industrial Processes; Transport; Waste management; Agriculture; Agriculture; Fisheries; Forestry; Infraestructure; Tourism.

Eligible organisations:

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Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Water, sewage, energy, transport, finance, health / population policy, agriculture and forestry, education, other social infrastructure and trans-sectoral projects.

Proposal/Application requirements:

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Proposal evaluation criteria:

KfW appraises the eligibility of projects for financing along the lines of the support policy of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation. After approval of projects KfW makes periodic on-site inspections. These progress reviews form part of the project monitoring process and are designed to ensure that funds are used properly. Several years after the active project support from outside has ended projects are again evaluated with regard to their developmental effectiveness.

How to Apply:

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Funding limit for individual projects:

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Activities supported: