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Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Loan




Help the government of the affected country members to achieve the objectives of its recovery strategy and specifically to rehabilitate social and economic infrastructure and the restoration of key economic sectors to better than pre-disaster operating levels while also building in precautions to reduce vulnerability to future disasters.


Disaster risk reduction

Eligible organisations:


Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Following a disaster event, the affected BMC will modify its generic recovery strategy to take into account specific circumstances, especially the following factors: (a) the quickest possible alleviation of human suffering; (b) the severity of the impact of the disaster on the economic performance of the country, which may require the Government to modify its priorities and investment programmes, and the need for early re-establishment of economic activity; (c) the achievement of the best match between resources required for rehabilitation and available resources, in particular, financial and manpower resources; (d) the mitigation or removal of post-disaster threats to the affected population and early restoration of economic activity; and (e) the incorporation of appropriate risk reduction measures to reduce the country’s vulnerability to future disasters.

Proposal/Application requirements:

Report for DRM and CCA should be concise with detailed documentation being placed. 1. Introduction: (a) Project Background and HistoryMacro-Economic (b) Factors/Considerations (c) Sector Analysis (d) CDB's Contribution/Previous Lending (Sector) 2. The Project (a) Objectives/Rationale (b) Location and Site (c) Design/Alternatives/Technology/Least (d) Cost Analysis (e) Project Description/Scope (f) Capital Cost and Project (g) Financing/Commitments (h) Implementation Plan (i) Procurement (j) Disbursement (k) Operation/Production/Process (l) Description (m) Project Management (n) Project Risk (o) Environment and Social Impact (p) Analysis (q) Monitoring Indicators 3. The Borrower and Guarantor/ Executing Agency (a) Legal Status/Capacity/General (b) Powers and Duties (c) Fiscal Performance 4. Justification and Benefits 5. Terms and Conditions (a) Loan Amount - CDB Financing (b) Repayment Terms (c) Conditions (d) Reports and Records.

Proposal evaluation criteria:

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How to Apply:

A country desirous of receiving a RRL should make a request in writing to the President of CDB within six months of the disaster if it is a rapid-onset event such as a hurricane. For slow-onset events such as repeated floods or drought, the request should be made as soon as the affected country makes their own determination that significant economic and social damage has occurred. The request should be accompanied by the recovery strategy, an initial assessment of the impact as provided by the national ODM, an itemization of the intended use of the loan, and a preliminary budget.
On receipt of the request from the country, CDB will undertake due diligence as to the impact of the disaster, engage in discussions with the BMC as to their recovery strategy, and, wherever possible, mobilize a mission to visit the country to work with the BMC to identify project elements, to be incorporated into the RRL. Input will be sought from national agencies including the ODM so as to ensure that rehabilitation methods satisfy best mitigation practices, unless a temporary solution is required for economic or humanitarian reasons.

Funding limit for individual projects:

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