Financing opportunities

German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)


Adaptation, Mitigation


Integrate, in a meaningful way, measures aimed at facilitating adaptation to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the support that Germany provides for developing countries.



Eligible organisations:

Not specified

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

The German government supports the financing and transfer of technical equipment, know-how and experience for climate change mitigation and adaptation in many different sectors. This includes, for example: the financing of investment, for example for the construction of installations and equipment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or promote adaptation to climate change, institutional and human capacity building, promotion of pilot and model projects as a means of introducing new technologies.

Proposal/Application requirements:

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Proposal evaluation criteria:

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How to Apply:

Projects and programmes to be promoted with Financial Cooperation funds are devised jointly by the German government and the government of the partner country and agreements which are binding under international law are generally concluded after the KfW has assessed whether the planned project is beneficial and promising. The objective, the volume of funding pledged and other important details are then agreed and implemented by KfW Entwicklungsbank in the name and on behalf of the German government on the basis of a financing or loan agreement.

Funding limit for individual projects:

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Additional information:

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Activities supported:

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