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MDB Pilot Program for Climate Resilience




Pilot and demonstrate approaches for integration of climate risk and resilience into development policies and planning; strengthen capacities at the national level to integrate climate resilience into development planning; scale-up and leverage climate resilient investment, building on other ongoing initiatives; enable learning-by-doing and sharing of lessons at country, regional and global levels.


Agriculture; Climate-Resilience; Coastal Zone Management; Energy; Forestry; Infrastructures;  Populations & Human Settlements; Sustainable Land Management;  Water.

Eligible organisations:

Public and private entities

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Projects that promote technical assistance in national or sectorial development plans that address climate change.

Proposal/Application requirements:

It is recommended that the Expert Group take into account the eight core questions outlined below when formulating its recommendation on the countries to be included in the pilot program (more detail is avaialble at the website): I. Country Vulnerability; II. Country Eligibility; III. Country Preparedness and Rapid Results; IV. Country Distribution; V. Hazard Types; VI. Coherence and Value-Addition; VII. Replicability and Sustainability maintained during and beyond PPCR-financed activities. VIII. Scalability and Development Impact.

Proposal evaluation criteria:

The selection will be undertaken in conformity with the guidance and any other material that the expert group finds useful: (a) specific description of objectives; (b) methodology and justification used to arrive at the proposed pilot country listing; (c) responses to each of the 8 core selection questions; (d) comprehensive findings from deliberations providing an assessment/review of key issues (e.g., specific threats/programs that should be addressed by each country).; (e) conclusions and recommended list of countries for inclusion in the PPCR. The proposed list should include 5 to 10 countries (with an alternate choice for each slot).

How to Apply:

  1. CIF Administrative Unit, through MDBs, inform prospective countries and invite expression of interest.
  2. PPCR-SC to identify and agree upon regional or country pilots informed by expert review.
  3. Country-led, joint MDB missions to engage with the government, appropriate UN offices in the country, private sector, national civil society and other stakeholders on how the pilot program may enhance the climate resilience of national development plans, strategies and financing.
  4. Recipient countries and relevant MDBs jointly prepare proposals for PPCR funding.
  5. PPCR-SC approves allocation of resources for programs and other activities and costs based on the proposals submitted.

Funding limit for individual projects:

Size: USD 1 billion, no information about limit per project.

Additional information:

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Activities supported:

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