Financing opportunities

International Climate Initiative (ICI)


Adaptation, Mitigation


Promote a climate-friendly economy, measures for adaptation to the impacts of climate change, and measures for preservation and sustainable use of carbon reservoirs/ Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+).


MRV Energy efficiency Renewable energy REDD+ Ecosystem based adaptation

Eligible organisations:

Federal implementing agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, private sector companies, universities, research institutes, international and multinational organizations (including development banks and UN agencies).

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Adaptation, Mitigation, Agriculture, Disaster Risk Reduction, Energy Efficiency, Forestry, Populations & Human Settlements, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Land Management, Transport, Water. Financing through the Initiative seeks to ensure that its investments will catalyze other funding streams, particularly those from the private-sector, of a greater magnitude.

Proposal/Application requirements:

If their project outlines are promising, request will be made to submit a formal grant application, with detailed project plan and a financing strategy.

Proposal evaluation criteria:

Cost-effectiveness, ability to partially self-fund the project or otherwise attract third-party financing, replicability, effective integration with national development policy and planning, and project sustainability with capacity building in the target region and sector.

How to Apply:

Applications follow a two stage process, that is typically held once a year. All relevant information is published on the website, where templates are also available. As a preliminary step, applicants must submit a draft note (in writing and electronically). Successful applicants are contacted and provided with the forms required to finalise their final application.

Funding limit for individual projects:

The fund has a budget of USD 157 million per year.

Additional information:

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Activities supported:

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