Financing opportunities

Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Initiative (SECCI)


Adaptation, Mitigation


Support the introduction of clean energy projects in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC); to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as a strategy for climate change mitigation.


Energy efficiency; Renewable energy; Sustainable agriculture; Energy Security.

Eligible organisations:

Public entities; Public-private partnerships                                                                    

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Eligible focus areas are: access to carbon markets; adaptation to climate change; renewable energy and energy efficiency; and sustainable use of biofuels. The initiative can provide financial support to: a) feasibility studies for renewable energy projects; b) energy efficiency audits; c) climate risk and vulnerability assessments; d) climate modeling initiatives; and e) sector studies.

Proposal/Application requirements:

Eligibility criteria for accessing the SECCI Funds include: (i) consistency with SECCI principles and with countries’ medium-long term energy strategies; (ii) evidence of financially viable market opportunities; (iii) country/client ownership; (iv) degree of innovation and value added; (v) institutional and environmental sustainability; (vi) degree of coordination and synergies with other funds; (vii) public-sector partnerships; and (vii) donor coordination.

Proposal evaluation criteria:

In the case of private sector projects, special emphasis would be given to proposals which: a. Support activities with a high probability of reaching financial closing of a project; b. Have a catalytic effect by mobilizing private financing for sustainable energy projects; c. Support the development and structuring of sustainable public-private partnerships; d. Support projects at the sub-national and local level, where traditionally there has been a lower degree of private sector participation and where sector peculiarities present special challenges.

How to Apply:

In order to apply for SECCI funds applicants submit the SECCI “Expression of Interest Form” at Depending on the type of project a Letter of No-Objection by the responsible Governmental Entity will be required. SECCI recommends that all project developers contact the Local IDB country office in order to obtain in-country procedures, IDB programming priorities, governmental requirements, procurement information and other relevant information, pertaining to the country of interest. Once received, formularies are reviewed by the SECCI Eligibility Committee. Proposals are then discussed by an internal Committee composed by IDB technical and financial experts, and a decision is submitted to the applicant.

Funding limit for individual projects:

Maximum Financed: USD 1’000,000 for technical cooperation; USD 1’500,000 for investment grants.