Financing opportunities

Carbon Initiative for Development




Help low-income countries access the carbon market and attract low-carbon investments.


Energy efficiency; Renewable energy; Waste management; Transport.

Eligible organisations:

Public and private entities

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

The initiative is made up of three different components: a) a Readiness Fund to support capacity building and knowledge sharing; b) a Financing Fund to promote innovative carbon finance mechanisms for the funding of early stage projects; and c) a Carbon Fund to support carbon finance in LDCs, including Certified Emission Reduction (CER) and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) activities.

Proposal/Application requirements:

No information

Proposal evaluation criteria:

No information

How to Apply:

The initiative is not yet fully operational; however, expression of interest forms for the public and private sector are available on the website.

Funding limit for individual projects:

No information

Additional information:

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