Financing opportunities

Regional Fund of Agricultural Technology (FONTAGRO)


Adaptation, Mitigation


Support sustainable land management for the promotion of competitiveness of the rural sector in targeted countries and to reduce poverty.


Capacity Building; Sustainable land management; Food safety; Policy research and institutional strengthening.

Eligible organisations:

Public entities; Public-private partnerships                                                                    

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

The fund is operational in the fields of productivity and sustainability of agrifood chains; small-scale agriculture; food safety; water and soil management; and improved utilization of genetic resources. Projects with a stronger focus on adaptation to climate change will be preferred.

Proposal/Application requirements:

Respond to Call for proposals.

Proposal evaluation criteria:

Institutional capabilities, technical quality and socio-economic and environmental impact.

How to Apply:

The last call for proposals for new projects was launched in 2010, and the fund launched a Medium Term Plan for the evaluation of closed projects and the dissemination of lessons learned and best practices. This lead to the Contest 2012 initiative for the documentation of lessons learned in the field of innovation for family agriculture. The call for proposals for this contest was closed on 16 July 2012 and funds were disbursed starting from November 2012. In the event of further rounds of calls for proposals, all relevant guidelines and application templates will be published on the website.

Funding limit for individual projects:

Fund size is USD 82 million. No information about funding limit.