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 Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF)




To assist LDCs in tackling their high vulnerability to climate change and help them implement their NAPAs.


Preparation and implementation of the NAPAs.

Eligible organisations:

Government and public entities                                                                                                                        

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Food security and agriculture; water resources; coastal management; early warning and disaster risk reduction; capacity building; energy; health; and ecosystems are the macro areas involved in this fund, while the implementation of NAPAs is the transversal focus of the whole initiative. Capacity-building is another important focus area (including technology transfer; training; and the promotion of public awareness).

Proposal/Application requirements:

Applicants must show co-financing plans and a cost-effectiveness study for their proposed activity.

Proposal evaluation criteria:

PIF CRITERIA FOR APPROVAL: Review criteria for the PIF can be found in the Accessing Resources under the SCCF document. The review questions can be summarized in four categories of critical information that must be available in a PIF submission: Basic project idea (adaptation benefit and additional cost argument for adaptation projects), fit with NAPA priorities, implementation setup, indicative budget and co-financing. A list of review questions asked during the internal review process at the PIF level in the GEF Secretariat is available online. Grants are awarded to adaptation projects that address high-priority areas identified in the approved, country-specific NAPA.

How to Apply:

1. LDCF project proponents contact the in-country focal point to ensure that their activity aligns with the adaptation priorities of the country. 2. A country NAPA must be completed and sent to the UNFCCC Secretariat. Once a NAPA has been submitted to the UNFCCC secretariat. 3. A Project Identification Form (PIF) is completed and submitted to the GEF Secretariat for approval. Approved PIFs are then submitted to the biannual GEF Council meetings for inclusion in a work program and a Program Framework Document (PFD), which is sent to the GEF CEO for endorsement.

Funding limit for individual projects:

MDPs limit is 2 million USD. Fund is USD 217 million approved; USD 919 million mobilized in co-financing.

Additional information:


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