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Blue Moon Fund


Adaptation, Mitigation


The objective of the fund is to increase landscapes and livelihoods resilience to climate change. To achieve this goal, the Blue Moon Fund adopts a holistic approach, based on the principles of sustainability and human well-being.


Carbon footprint Energy Transport REDD+ Energy Security Food Security

Eligible organisations:

Non-profit organizations, foreign NGOs and public and private universities

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

The fund's holistic approach is based on three dimensions: Institutional solutions at the policy and governance level to develop sustainable solutions for climate change, global trade and land-use; Market mechanisms that work for conservation and development; Green technological innovation, in particular applied research for sustainable energy, transportation and food production.

Proposal/Application requirements:

If you are interested in receiving blue moon support, you have to take a grant eligibility quiz. If your project meets general requirements, you will be directed to a link through which you may submit a letter of inquiry (LOI).

Proposal evaluation criteria:

No information

How to Apply:

As a preliminary step, an online grant eligibility quiz must be taken, after which applicants are directed to the forms to submit their letter of inquiry. Letters of inquiry can be submitted through the website only; full grant applications are possible only for shortlisted candidates, upon invitation from the fund. Narrative and financial reporting is compulsory for all grantees.

Funding limit for individual projects:

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Additional information:

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Activities supported:

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