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Scaling-up Renewable Energy Program for Low-Income Countries




To support investments to help low-income countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions and benefit of their renewable energy resources.


Renewable energy; Energy efficiency.

Eligible organisations:

Public and private entities

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Eligible sectors include wind and solar projects; small hydro and biomass; and geothermal. The program will also consider cooking and heating projects; however, preference will be given to projects that can demonstrate the strongest benefits in terms of poverty alleviation. The economic, environmental and social development perspectives are all equally important criteria for project selection. SREP also supports complementary technical assistance as this is considered essential for transformative and enduring change and country engagement and ownership. Technical assistance includes support for planning and pre-investment studies, policy development, legal and regulatory reform, business development and capacity building (including for knowledge management and monitoring and evaluation).

Proposal/Application requirements:

No information

Proposal evaluation criteria:

The criteria should be considered from two perspectives: (i) a country’s willingness to meet the criteria and to achieve the objectives of the SREP, and (ii) a country’s potential and capacity to implement a SREP program. This criteria includes: a) willingness to undertake a program for renewable energy development that could eventually move the country towards a low carbon development path in the energy sector. b) potential capacity for implementation, including a business friendly environment and sufficient institutional capacity. c) regional balance as well as balance among diverse contexts for scaling up renewable energy, such as urbanization, industrialization, dispersed rural populations and stage of renewable energy development. With respect to regional balance, it is not expected that each of the World Bank regions would be represented in the recommended list of countries, but the Expert Group is requested to recommend countries from at least three different regions. d) natural conditions for developing renewable energy.

How to Apply:

  1. SREP-SC agree upon number of country or regional pilots and criteria for country selection.
  2. CIF Administrative Unit, through MDBs inform countries and invite expression of interest.
  3. Pilots are selected by SREP-SC based on Expert Group Report. For more information visit official website.

Funding limit for individual projects:

Size USD 306 million pledged; USD 23.8 million deposited. No information about limit per project.

Additional information:

Key documents

Activities supported:

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