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Environmental Conservation Program Grants




Change the ways in which people use terrestrial, freshwater, and coastal marine ecosystems to conserve critical ecological systems and functions, while allowing sustainable use.


Ecosystems Management Conservation

Eligible organisations:


Eligible Projects or Programmes:

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Proposal evaluation criteria:

The Foundation implements its initiative strategies with well-defined objectives. They conduct research to identify environmental conservation projects that advance their initiative and standalone goals and satisfy their four filters, which ask if a project is important, makes a difference and has enduring impact, has measurable outcomes, and contributes to a portfolio effect. They identify appropriate organizations that have compatible interests and are active or potentially active in seeking results supportive of our objectives. Then work with these prospective grantees to design, fund, and manage a series of interdependent interventions that should produce the desired outcome.

How to Apply:

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. Foundation staff research organizations as potential contributors to fill specific niches and achieve the outcomes within the Foundation’s program areas. Once potential projects and grantees have been identified, the Foundation may request a formal proposal.

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