Financing opportunities

Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) 


Adaptation, Mitigation


Reduce global poverty and attaining sustainable social and economic development, in compliance with the targets set by the Millennium Development Goals.


Renewable energy; Disaster management; Energy security.

Eligible organisations:

No information

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

ADA supports disaster management, renewable energy and energy security initiatives.

Proposal/Application requirements:

The application worksheet comprises four Major sections namely 1) Overview, 2) Project Details 3) Financial Information and 4) Applicant information. Instructions on the information which should be filled in each section are available on the worksheet.

Proposal evaluation criteria:

Projects with higher proportion of own fund contribution stands a better chance to be selected. A list of questions is available on quality assurance of contents in the planning process applying the criteria relevance, feasibility and sustainability. In addition to the list of questions, specific quality criteria apply, depending on theme and sector. Expert consultant commissions can be planned for in the project.

How to Apply:

1. A concept note must be prepared and submitted to the competent ADA field office. A list of offices is available in the official website. If no field office is responsible, the concept note must be sent directly to ADA headoffice in Vienna.

2. After response from ADA, a complete project proposal must be drawn up using the project cycle management method in the format of a project document to precisely defined quality criteria.

3. The complete project document is then submitted to the competent field office or headoffice.

Funding limit for individual projects:

No information