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Partnership for Market Readiness




Build market readiness and implement market-based instruments, such as domestic Emissions Trading Systems (ETS) and crediting mechanisms.


Capacity Building; Energy efficiency; Renewable energy; Industrial Processes; Transport; Waste management; Water.

Eligible organisations:


Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Eligible activities are those related to capacity building, according to the baseline stage of market readiness of each country. Knowledge sharing is another important dimension of this partnership, as it allows countries to share feedback and updates.

Proposal/Application requirements:

1) Country context to provide an overview of a country’s low emissions development strategy and its GHG mitigation plan.

2) Assessment of target sector(s)/sub-sector(s)/program(s)/region(s) for the implementation of market readiness components and market instruments to be supported by the PMR.

3) Core readiness components including assessment of market readines.

4) Planning for a market instrument, which includes two modules  – with possibility for variations within each module - for (i) a scaled-up GHG crediting instrument and (ii) a domestic ETS, respectively, to lay out essential readiness elements for a market instrument for the proposed sector/program.

5) Organization and consultation.

6) Summary of schedule and budget.

Proposal evaluation criteria:

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How to Apply:

The PMR's Implementing Country Participants follow three phases in the course of their PMR participation: 1. A country submits an EoI to the PMR Secretariat, which is subsequently presented to the PA for confirmation as an Implementing Country Participant. 2. With a Preparation Funding allocation of US$350,000 from the PA, an Implementing Country Participant formulates a Market Readiness Proposal (MRP), which details the country's road map for its proposed market-based instrument and market readiness components, as well as an estimate for required funding to implement and a timetable for completion. 3. An Implementing Country Participant implements readiness components outlined in its MRP, including piloting any proposed market instruments. Implementation is financed by PMR funding allocated by the PA and any other sources of funding the country is able to secure.

Funding limit for individual projects:

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Additional information:

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