Financing opportunities

Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP)


Adaptation, Mitigation


The principal goals of the project are to combat climate change, to enhance the availability of energy services for the poorest people in the region, to achieve economic development and to improve the countries’ financial situation by utilizing local renewable energy sources and clean technology.

Eligible organisations:

NGOs, public and private companies, research and educational institutions are all eligible to apply for EEP’s project financing.

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Any project that meets the program objectives and is in one of the priority countries.

Proposal/Application requirements:

No information

Proposal evaluation criteria:

The proposals are evaluated by the Technical Evaluation Team. The National Coordinators rank the projects according to the country priorities based on their national development plans in the energy sector. The Steering Committee approves the selection.

How to Apply:

Project proponent provides a Project Profile according to the Project Profile Form (PPF) and is sent to the National Coordinator (NC), and to Regional Coordination Office for further support. In case of a regional project, the Project Profile is submitted by the Project Proponent to the Regional Coordination Office to be distributed to National Coordinators (NC). A project shall be considered regional if it involves four or more countries.

Funding limit for individual projects:

No information

Activities supported: