Financing opportunities

Global Climate Change Alliance 


Adaptation, Mitigation


Help developing countries and Least Developed Countries address climate change issues through technical and financial support; to provide a platform for dialogue between the European Union and recipient countries as well as South-South dialogue and cooperation.


Clean Development Mechanism; REDD+; Disaster risk reduction; Agriculture; Food Security; Land Management; Fisheries; Water sanitation; Waste management; Infraestructure; Energy efficiency; Coastal Zone Management; Education.

Eligible organisations:

Public and private entities

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

This fund focuses on five main topics: a) the adoption of adaptation measures as a coping strategy for the adverse effect of climate change; b) Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) activities; c) enhanced participation in Clean Development Mechanism-related activities; d) promotion of disaster risk reduction practices; and e) general mainstreaming of climate change into poverty reduction strategies.

Proposal/Application requirements:

No information

Proposal evaluation criteria:

Each applicant should consider the following when devising a potential GCCA project: a) the country has already received budget support through the European Commission or other donors; b) European Commission Delegation must have sufficient capacity to prepare and follow up implementation of the GCCA programme; c) The country should preferably be involved in the negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC); d) Identifying countries and priority areas of intervention could more technical in nature (for example, exposure to risk, adaptive capacity, climate data availability and projected climate changes).

How to Apply:

Eligibility is assessed on a country basis, following an expression of interest from the national governments. The procedure takes into account multiple factors, such as vulnerability to natural disasters, relevance of the agricultural sector on the national economy and the proportion of population at risk. Formal United Nations criteria, such as the Human Development Index, are also part of the assessment.

Funding limit for individual projects:

Fund size is USD 226 million. No information about limit per project.

Activities supported: