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Climate and Development Knowledge Network


Adaptation, Mitigation


Support decision-makers in designing and delivering climate compatible development by combining research, advisory services and knowledge sharing in support of locally owned and managed policy processes.



Eligible organisations:

Not specified

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

Projects can have a regional, national or local scope and must focus on at least one of the following thematic priorities: a) climate-friendly development strategies; b) access to climate finance; c) disaster risk management for resilience to climate events; d) support to climate negotiators from Least Developed Countries; e) access to clean energy; f) climate resilience in the water sector; g) strengthening of institutional capacity in the climate sector; and h) support to African leadership in climate research.

Proposal/Application requirements:

No information

Proposal evaluation criteria:

Project is for an eligible / priority country (see regional strategies) and client. Project is at the interface between evidence and policy-making. Project is at the interface between climate change and development. Project is demand-led. Project is a reasonable size and scope given our available budget and is likely to be value for money. Project falls within one of the TA service areas. The set of detailed criteria are published at: CDKN Technical Assistance Selection Criteria 11-12.

How to Apply:

The procedures for applying for technical assistance from CDKN are outlined online. The procedures for applying for research funding via open research calls or via CDKN’s research innovation fund can be found online. To enquire about financial assistance for knowledge management, communications and partnership-building activities in climate compatible development, contact

Funding limit for individual projects:

£0.5 million/project (most grants are £25,000 - £250,000)

Additional information:

No additional information

Activities supported:

Check official website