Financing opportunities


Spanish Carbon Fund

Purchase emissions reduction at a competitive cost to contribute to Spain’s emissions reduction targets, while promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in developing countries.

Carbon Fund for Europe

Assist EU countries achieve their Kyoto Protocol and EU ETS targets.

Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF)

The two main objectives of the Facility are:

  • To help countries to get ready for large-scale system of financial incentives for REDD+ by creating framework and processes for REDD+ readiness (this objective will be achieved through the “Readiness Mechanism” financed through the Readiness Fund).
  • To provide value to standing forests and remunerate countries with financing for verifiable reductions in emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and sustainable use of forest resources and biodiversity conservation (this objective will be achieved through the “Carbon Finance Mechanism” financed through the Carbon Fund).

Carbon Partnership Facility

Develop GHG emission reductions and facilitate the purchase of Carbon Emissions Reduction (CER) credits in the post-2012 commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol.

French Global Environment Facility

Support and develop appropriate responses to foreseeable consequences of climate change, especially in the most disadvantaged countries which are also the most vulnerable.

Multilateral Investment Fund

To seek marketing opportunities related to climate change for individuals and small enterprises.

MDG Achievement Fund – Environment and Climate Change thematic window

The objective of this part of the fund is to help reduce poverty and vulnerability in eligible countries by supporting interventions that improve environmental management and service delivery at the national and local level, increase access to new financing mechanisms and enhance capacity to adapt to climate change.